In this modern world, there is no need of using slides or a photograph to get printing. Now, digital printing is used which is a modern technique in which prints are produced directly by using computers and laptops. There is now no need of using intermediate mediums like colour proof, a film negative or a plate, the overall printing work has been simplified and you can get a print by just giving a command from your computer and the printer that is attached to your computer will make a print for you. This process is also used for printing commercial printing needs, one can have these kinds of printings in both colour print or black and white print.

With the help of modern-day commercial printing, one can get printed big formats like canvas, signage, acrylic print or posters as well. Moreover, some big and experienced commercial printings can also offer extra-wide commercial printings like advertising billboards, banners, wraps and hoardings.

Litho printing is replaced by modern-day digital printing that is a far more beneficial and time-saving form of printing. In digital printing, one can have high definition images on various materials with different surfaces of different weights, thicknesses, and finishing. The materials on which these kinds of printing can be used include film, canvas, various kinds of textiles, vinyl and photo paper. Digital printing can also be used for printing on a flat-surfaced rigid or flexible substrate including acrylic, corrugated board, polycarbonate, poly board and card.