History of silent films

In the middle of twenties, theaters could have been found in almost every town. Films and theaters were very different from today’s time.  The film takes maximum 2 hours of your time but in the pasts, they had been very long and full of amusement. At least 4 hours of people time would spend on a film even shot films and cartoon too. Watching a film in the theater was a big occasion for people at that time. And they were sure to be entertained in the best way possible. The most amazing thing about those films was that they were without any sound. In 1895, Louis and Auguste Lumiere first showed their film named “the arrival of a train.

Because the films were silent at that time, so everything was dependent on the acting and pantomime methods of character. They actors were so good that they used to express their emotions and feeling of their character to the audience just through gestures. There were short subtitle of their dialog ensured that the audience attention will not be diverted by them. Music was the significant feature of silent movies to help people to  understand the sentiment related to the scene.

This silent film gave the people a platform to sit together and form some social gathering, and something very entertaining to have fun.

The worst thing about these films was that most popular star were unable to work in films with sound. That was because the audience had a difficulty of adjusting with the voices of their favorite silent star after seeing them in silent movies

A great number of actors disappeared on the arriving of sound such as Rudolph Valentino and Clara Bow. However, some actors continued to work in sound films and made best careers.

More than twenty thousand theaters were made by the end of 20th century because by than theaters were so much famous among people.  It was also predicted that one hundred million tickets were being sold at the price of ten to fifty cents per ticket. That was way to much in comparison with today’s ticket sale. In fact the number of ticket which are being sold today is half that were being sold in the past. In the past Hollywood has released minimum six hundred and maximum thousand films a year.

Because of the public interest in silent films, most of older films were being improved again digitally, and were released. The companies who have released those films got a big profit for themselves.

Those silent film have proved the interest of people, they had for art in the past.
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